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Posted by sepoy on September 21, 2008 · 1 min read

Over at Big Picture, my favorite blog if you care, is a wonderful series, Observing Ramadan.


elizabeth | September 21, 2008

jinx (via the same source?) the Damascus one made my mouth water, but nos. 9 and 33 took my breath away.

Szerelem | September 22, 2008

Thanks for this! I have to ask though, what is the drink in photo no. 12?

sepoy | September 22, 2008

That gentle concoction is milk/lassi with Roh-e Afza - the "Drink of the East". I will properly introduce that drink to CM, soon.

Szerelem | September 22, 2008

Well, now I feel really silly - I figured it was some rose drink but Rooh Afza totally slipped my mind! Probably a sign that I haven't been back home at the height of summer for far too long. Rooh Afza with cold water and lots and lots of ice is my mothers favourite summer drink. I find it a bit too rosy in taste - and mixed with milk, a bit much too handle.

Szerelem | September 22, 2008

a bit too much to handle.* Gah.

Desi Italiana | September 22, 2008

Sepoy: "That gentle concoction is milk/lassi with Roh-e Afza - the “Drink of the East”. I will properly introduce that drink to CM, soon." Will you also introduce the lovely bhaang lassi?

dacoit | September 22, 2008

can you also properly introduce us to the tale of the two partitions of hamdard (waqf) labs?

Ramadan in pictures. (Via Chapati Mys … Talk Islam | September 23, 2008

[...] Chapati Mystery.) [...]

Desi Italiana | September 29, 2008

Stunning pics. Those are some big-booty jalebi that are being sported in Bangladesh. And pic #35 is just too adorable to put into words :)

Desi Italiana | September 29, 2008

Interesting to see the ratio of the geographic locations in these pics: most are from Palestine, Pakistan, Bangladesh, some from India, Indonesia. None from the Maghreb (unless Egypt is considered to be classified as such), but boy, do the Moroccans know how to celebrate by eating. Ramadan included.