Softcore Love

Posted by sepoy on June 14, 2004 · 1 min read

Looks like I picked the wrong movie to write about. While Dev is getting ho-hum reviews, another movie released on the same day is getting stone-pelted and the cinema-halls are getting burned. The culprit is Razdan's Girlfriend which is a love triangle featuring two girls. And no, the boy is NOT the most desired one. Shiv Sena is all about maintaining civil discourse in the society by burning cinemas in Varnassi and stoning shops in Bombay.
Gay themed movies are not the most visible cultural phenomena in South Asia and the last movie that broached lesbian love, Fire, met a similair fate. Although, that movie, at least, had better critical reception that Girlfriend which is accused of being made solely to titillate.
Worth noting that in either case, lesbians are created solely out of circumstances.
Also worth noting that this movie is about being gay as much as Titanic was about seafaring in early 20th century.


drapeto | June 15, 2004

what! you traitorous knave, any movie with amitabh is ipso facto more important than the lesbokissing of these painted hoes, hema/zeenat, madhu/nimmi or any other females. even if he has somehow and startlingly acquired womanish hips.

sepoy | June 15, 2004

well said. But, burning cinemas are news. And whatever gets Shiv Sena excited is ALWAYS news.

amitabh4life | June 17, 2004

more amitabh, less chix. even if: Five activists of the breakaway group of the Shiv Sena were hospitalised after they tried to commit suicide by consuming poison near the District Magistrate's residence today to protest the screening of the Hindi film `Girl Friend'. The activists were found to be carrying a suicide note addressed to the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, urging an all-India ban on the screening of the film, police sources said. ó PTI