Posted by sepoy on December 13, 2008 · 1 min read

Subrahmanyam deals ...

Even the broad intellectual grouping known as Subaltern Studies hasn't taken domestic work into account, save for the occasional moment when a conversation with a servant provides the researcher with an anecdote or factoid to motivate an essay on some profound question or other.

There are lots of nice bits in that piece. Also Pankaj Mishra finds it necessary to defend Adiga (but manages to do a piss-poor job - SS did not call Siegel an "Indian" but an "Indologist". A mis-reading that Lee Siegel will thoroughly enjoy). [via H-ASIA]


desiknitter | December 15, 2008

Thanks for this - thoroughly enjoyed it! Vintage SS, but nicely restrained in many places where it could have gone overboard. I wish he would write more of these rambling reviews.