Snap Year Apostrophes: 2004

Posted by sepoy on December 31, 2004 · 1 min read

You have some nerve. You couldn't be one of those years in the late 70s or mid 80s who all blend into each other. You couldn't be like the late 80s when status quo dictated solid pacing, good character development and adversity that is conquered through hard work and dedication. I didn't expect you to be like 1993 or 1995, the best years ever. You could at least have been like 1998 or 1999 - filled with intense experiences. But no. You had to lay claim as one of those "sigh" year, the "shorthand for misery" year, the "well-at-least-it-isn't-as-bad-as-THAT-year" year.

You had a nice start. The research trip in Pakistan, the rolling around looking for engravings in graveyards like some academic Indiana Jones. But, by the time spring bloomed, you started to show your true colors. First, you took away Dean. Then, you took away any hope for the future by letting them win. Then, you took away the loves and lives of hundreds of thousands and knocked the fucking earth off it's axis. I would ask you why? But I know you are just made up of those inexorable ticks of a clock chasing the tocks. Someone else knows. Someone else better have an explanation.

Still you had your moments. The academic conferences, the Vegas madness, the GOTV in Milwaukee, the Halloween party. At the very least, you kept me, my family and my friends in good health. For that, I am grateful to you. And I know, I know, that the next year will be monumental. [with apologies to moacir]


Amardeep | December 31, 2004

Dude -- there's still hope for the future. As Billie Holliday once said, "They can't take that away from you."

Claire | January 01, 2005

engravings in graveyards? I'm genuinely interested. Any posts on the subject?

sepoy | January 01, 2005

Amardeep: you are right. Claire: I took pics of gravestones and markers that are rumored to be of Arab soldiers who came over to conquer India in the 8th c. I find some at least from the 10th c. tho...that was exciting.