Lahore Snaps I: Games We Play

Posted by sepoy on March 25, 2008 · 1 min read

Street Cricket

Street Hockey

Of course we played in the streets, in the alley, by the fountain, on the farm; we played wherever a smooth surface, roughly 22 feet was available for us. But there was a special game that was played only in our house. Only by the brothers and their friends. Tip Tip we used to call it. The rules were severe. Any direct hit from the bat onto the left wall, into the garden, any plant was out. As was a snick. You could only score by hitting straight and on the ground. Straight bats were actually the only possible way to play and longevity on the crease was the only possible victory.

Tip Tip

Tape Ball


desiknitter | March 25, 2008

Welcome back! I hope you took lots more pictures, looking forward to more. The little leftie in the first photo has lots of potential, I say!

sepoy | March 25, 2008

Yes. Lovely action. I gave him some encouragements. And thanks. Good to be back. Of course. Lots more photos. Soon.

Tiffin | March 26, 2008

I take it that the shadow line across the road marked the bowling crease? Sounds like your Tip Tip game probably honed quite a solid technique!

aswin | March 27, 2008

Great pictures! And Tip Tip brought back wonderful memories - did your rules also include a "one-bounce-catch" is out?!