Simon Schama

Posted by sepoy on September 08, 2006 · 1 min read

Of Rough Crossings fame, gives an excellent talk at Google - on history, historiography and the perils of memory [thx to pdcs].


desiknitter | September 08, 2006

Arrrgh! I forgot to answer the question below and it ate up my comment. Wanted to say that it was charming and eloquent and I enjoyed listening to it, but was disappointed by the somewhat schematic discussion of freedom, 1776 and 2001. Yes, we have to interrogate the foundational status of 1776, but we could also interrogate in the process, the imperial framework that places the British there and elsewhere at this time, and within which this so-called "moral moment" and "rough crossing" takes place. I was surprised to find no discussion of this larger context beyond individual cynicism and opportunism of officers, and of the genealogy he offers of magna carta and cromwell. But I think it was the description of that officer as "doltish good egg" that did it.

Tapera | September 08, 2006

historiadores en la radio... Una breve pero variada: para ver y escuchar a Perry Anderson, Noam Chomsky, Stuart Hall, Eric Hobsbawm, Robert Dahl, entre muchos otros, hay que seguir el link que figura en el sitio Critical Concepts: An Introduction to Politic...

sepoy | September 08, 2006

dk: they _were_ all doltish good eggs...such well-meaning folks. whatever evil poco agendas do YOU have? :)

desiknitter | September 09, 2006

what do i know; i couldn't even add 8 and 4. Now I'm all prepared for 2 and 10, though, bring on the dolts and the eggs.