Posted by sepoy on July 26, 2005 · 1 min read

It is that time of the year, again.

I will be quite busy over the next few weeks. Things are gathering momentum and if I don't make a stand, I might get swept away. What will you have of your lowly sepoy then?

My crew, my peeps, my homies are also busy with things and cannot entertain you sufficiently. They have my love and thanks for all they did. Maybe, now and then, one of them will pipe up.

I will try and keep posting the Sunday Readings the least. Also, there is one special Empire post scheduled next weekish at Cliopatria. I will keep you posted.

In dubious traditions of dkos and atrios, I will leave an open thread post at the top. For those who wish to have a conversation, I will lurk around. Stay in the shade, and have a martini [gin [Raj], shaken, olive].


Dman | July 31, 2005

In case you are bored with your work, here are some of the early comments on Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. From bbakssang: THE MASTER IS BACK! but chanwook is no master storyteller... 4/5 ghghwndtlf: Chanwook is just trying to cash in this exquisite style. 1/5 ghghwndtlf: Difficult.. The ending is groundlessly twisted. 2.5/5 ksm0905: Ugh.. mannerism without a solid plot. Chanwook seem totally self-absorbed. It just manifests Chanwook's cockiness... 1.5/5 jpctec: It changes all of your 5 senses. Learn Chanwook before you open your 2-bit mouth. 5/5 baukunst: The performace of the cast was good. 4.5/5 kkkssshhh2: Not as good as the expectations, but Young-Eh's performance is revetting. 3.5/5 guriguri28: Unique visuals, supreme scenario... 4.5/5 taeji7879: Comic violence, nonsensical plot, Oh, boy, I miss Old Boy... 4/5 kurosh: You call this a movie? Chanwook, you pervert!! .5/5 sosimculb: SFLV is a black comedy about revenge, but it does not have the same sense of emotional salvation in the end as in Old Boy. 4.5/5 hoony073: It's a masterpiece where violence and tenderness are in perfect oscillation. 4.5/5 kissman87: vintage Chanwook style, but sub-Old-Boy plot.. 4.5/5