Shut Down the NEH

Posted by sepoy on October 25, 2009 · 1 min read


In the list of horrible waste of tax-payer's hard earned money exposed by Fox News, I saw this:

$50,000 to build a computer model of an ancient city in Pakistan complete with "animated and interactive 'inhabitants'.

If history is our guide, it won't be long before these inhabitants fall to radical ideologies and turn back on the NEH! Agent-based computing models are already rife with terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers. We know this.

I was curious, so I managed to actually track this grant down: Virtual Taxila: A Web-Accessible, Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE) of an Ancient Indian City by Daniel Michon.

This cannot end well.


Babu | October 26, 2009

"As if the life of a college professor weren't easy enough..." What do they think, we all live in Slackistan? Jerks...

Nikolai | October 28, 2009

God forbid money be spent on the humantities, not that Fox has much knowledge about that. I actually want to see virtual Taxila...