Shahbaz Bhatti, RIP

Posted by sepoy on March 02, 2011 · 1 min read

Woke up this morning, a day before my own trip to Lahore, to see the sad news that Shahbaz Bhatti, a Member of Parliament for the PPP and the minister for minorities rights has been assassinated.

The lunatics are running the asylum.


Rabayl | March 02, 2011

Suggesting that we're a nation full of mentally ill people is a little uncalled for, ableist language notwithstanding. Nevertheless, a wretched incident. What a mess we've made of this place.

palash | March 02, 2011

Its really unfortunate to see so called liberal are still silent.When they will wake up? After leaving the country to Taliban? Are there no student body in university, college who come to the street to protest this barbarism? At least for greater interest of world security.... God save this country.

omar | March 02, 2011 Today is the kind of day its OK to say a few things about the "ideology of Pakistan", the so-called secular “father of Pakistan” and his confused Uncle Mohammed Iqbal. While Islamic supremacism (upon which modern Islamist fascism is being built) has always been with us, its been ONE of the strands in Islamicate culture, not the only one or even the most dominant one. While Kafirstan was turned into Nuristan, its worth noting that it also stayed Kariristan for centuries. The evil was always there, but it was not always this big. Thanks partly to the two-nation theory and Allama Iqbal's visions of Islamic glory, it has grown in spectacular ways in the last century (modernization?) and Pakistan is at the center of it. There is a reason why the Jewish apostate Mohammed Asad settled in Pakistan (there is also a reason why his poco pomo son Talal Asad is now living in the West and making good bucks selling the usual stuff (, but that is another story), why the rabita al alamai al Islami ( has had such a close relationship with Pakistan, why Pakistan is the world headquarters of Jihadism, and so on. Anyway, I am not saying Pakistan is unsalvageable. Its very hard to change borders in today's world, so I expect that Pakistan too will stay one country. Its also very hard to be a completely rogue state without oil and feed 200 million people, so the elite will find some way stay away from the most extreme features of Islamist fascism (which would mean avoiding things like attempting a thousand year Islamic Reich and taking yourself and the region through total war before the inevitable defeat). Unfortunately, that does not mean the state also has to protect minorities or keep the various mad dog militias under tight control. In fact, the way the dynamic has developed, the elite will be handsomely paid to keep the mad dogs limited to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, and naturally they will make sure they dont do too god a job and lose their nuisance value in the process. A friend from the PPP has predicted that the current regime is the Weimar republic, to be followed by an Islamist Hitler, spectacular improvement in economy and “law and order” and marching in fancy uniforms, and war…in that depressing order. I hope he is wrong…

PS | March 03, 2011

I guess that whole Talibothra thing just took a different turn, instead of a rag tag group of bearded fanatics occupying major cities, the invasion has become even more insidious. With the tacit approval of certain elites and government officials, the talibothra is destabilizing society one painful assassination at a time. The voting with the bullet strategy. I guess its too bad mohammad bouzzazi didnt speak urdu....

no | March 04, 2011

"Weimar republic, to be followed by an Islamist Hitler" It is amazing that this is after WWI which was started by Britain in order to stop Germany from building railway to Iraq. Germany was challenging Brits supremacy over Europe. Germany had the best technology including ammonium nitrate Taking that into account your theory don't make one bit of sense. Your theory requires either US or China to want your above scenario. What is more likely is that US will be very angry with Pakistan after it pulls out of Afghanistan and will treat pakistan just like Vietnam after US left it which is to use World Bank and IMF as economic weapon. debt is very bad thing. Liberals even that fascists one are not needed.

omar | March 04, 2011

"the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce" Of course Pakistan is not the Weimar Republic and General Ahmed Shuja Pasha or any other savior will not be Hitler. But, with 200 nuclear bomb, its still possible to be a rather serious farce...

Ajit | March 06, 2011

It is still within living memory - heck not more than 3 or 4 years ago - that apparently well-meaning lefties would demand that 'root causes' be looked into whenever someone complained about a little terrorism. Said causes included poverty, illiteracy, foreign domination and a whole laundry list of ills that affect most of the world but doesn't always result in similar madness. One doesn't hear about root causes so much any more.

omar | March 07, 2011

Ajit, what makes you think that discourse is dead?