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Posted by sepoy on February 09, 2005 · 2 mins read

I was on IM with nathaniel and we started trading weird searches that led people to our sites. He insisted that I share it with all of you. Immortalize them, he said. Since Early Modern Notes had some fun with spam yesterday, I figured I would put some fun searches up as well. I had a nice experience with Google before. So below are some searches from Jan 2005 {minus the peeps looking for pr0n, of course}:

  • address and contacts of chartered accountants in punjab and chandigarh: dude, I have no idea.
  • shalom mother fucker t shirts: I believe farangi will be selling these very soon.
  • love is all a matter of timing: It really is, isn't it? One can fall in love at the most inopportune time. With V-Day coming, keep that in mind, lovebirds. May Cupid Be On Your Shoulders.
  • wichita kansas bloggers: Don't know any.
  • why my dog eats its own faeces: DUDE. How in heaven's name would CM help you with this? Are you messing with me Google?
  • mecca to islams: It is cute that you refer to Muslims as Islams.
  • is beer good for your hair?: I am absolutely sure that it is.
  • if i had sneezed: I would have said, Alhamdulillah.
  • hip indian girl names for babies: Hmmm, ask her
  • mormon youth vampire: Mormon Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
  • field telephone for torture: Whaaaa?
  • do desis understand lyrics for rap?: Now that is a good question. Any takers? Amardeep? Sheesh.

unrelated: Happy New Year to the 0.3% of my readers from China, the 0.9% from Singapore and my 1.6% from Hong Kong! I am big in HK!
unrelated 2: How do I stop Google from linking directly to my comments script?
related: see rob. ["Bruno Latour looking for inspiration?" hA! and No. Not a meme].


rob | February 09, 2005

On unrelated 2: Have you tried the remove individual pages Google-reference? If it's WordPress set up the same as mine, then you should just need to insert: META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW" (inside tags) into wp-comments.php. Let me know if it fails! As for search terms, the oddest I've ever had is: "auschwitz gay people pdf" Which I really don't know WHAT to make of...

praktike | February 09, 2005

Well now you're gonna get twice as many hits for those!

Zack | February 09, 2005

About weird searches, I have seen better. On unrelated 2: Add the following in the section of your comment listing, comment preview, comment error, comment pending and trackback listing templates:

sepoy | February 09, 2005

many thanks to rob & zack.

Anand | February 09, 2005

dude, someone just landed up on my blog looking for black historians trafic light ... how? (especially the 'trafic' bit... ... why?

eswn | February 10, 2005

why are you surprised that you are popular in hong kong? people love you here ... keep up with the good work and be yourself ...

sepoy | February 10, 2005

I humbly thank all my HK readers and to mine own self I will be true!

Chan'ad | February 10, 2005

Sepoy, if you really want to jack up the number of hits you get instantly, just publish a post that says "nancy ajram sex". Really, try it out... it's crazy.

Anand | February 12, 2005

or just put the word 'chudai' into one obscure post you did six months ago, and watch the sitemeter soar... as desi brethren search the net for stories of steamy encounters various desi patois...

rob | February 13, 2005

You'll be pleased to know someone just found me with "sepoy uniforms"

ayan | February 14, 2005

sepoy: do you know of any books or articles discussing human rights issues in the nwfp - not sure if your studies cover that area. Specifically, anything related to the government not being able to enforce intnl human rights on local tribes, etc.

sepoy | February 14, 2005

Chan'ad and Anand: thanks but no thanks. rob: lets start selling those. ayan: I cannot think of any off-hand but there appears to be more than a few on the broader issue.

balo balo | February 16, 2005

lol u r a crack up i feel like eating chappatis know i dunno why

Nitin | February 18, 2005

I'm a contributor to the 0.9% you got from singapore.

detrimental postulation | February 09, 2005

how long is a list of strings? Sepoy is having fun with the search-strings madness of his stats, and I hope he won't mind if I basically rather blatantly copy him and share some of my own faves (I could probably get away with it by calling it a meme, but don't want to give the poo...