Scav Hunt

Posted by sepoy on May 06, 2004 · 10 mins read

The Annual Scavenger Hunt is on at U of C. A bigger collection of really weird happenings you will not find anywhere else outside this charming hunt. Moacir's computer already got slashdotted. So, don't even bother clicking on that. Past exploits have been to build a plutonium-producing breeder reactor, launch a Twinkie over the law school library and acquire a live elephant [I didn't see those. I did see an orgy on the admin quad but am not sure it was related to last year's Scav Hunt at all]. The Scav Hunt seems to be a dorm thing. And as long as I do not get an atomic wedgie, I enthusiastically support it. Mechanics: A group of Judges (¸ber-cool, ultr‰-hip individuals) put together a list of items (sublime and profane) with points attached to each. There are teams comprised of the various dorm house residents. They compete over 4 days to accumulate as many points as possible. Team with most points wins and wigs out. They even made a documentary about it. Here's a blog on it.
This year's list seems inspired by Passion of the Christ. But there are some cool iTunes, and math items. I am disappointed that Moacir did not put ANY cricket-related items on the list. Saddened, really. Or Pakistani dictator items.
go read some choice items and marvel at the world that is the university of chicago:
UPDATE: Daily Times picks up Maroon coverage via Reuters.

  • With the impending culmination of the Buffy-Angel saga, Joss Whedon's proposed ending to the Buffy/Angel/Spike love triangle leaves us feeling like a vampire with an implant in his brain that doesn't allow him to harm humans---unfulfilled. Justice must be done to this seminal TV series. Bring back the slayer, and no commercials. [39 points. 2 bonus points if Giles finally hooks up with that coffee-guzzling neighbor. 3 bonus points for splicing in some dancing Angel ]
  • Those folks wasting away on the Bush/Cheney 2004 blog say that critics of the PATRIOT Act lack patriotism. Sounds to me like they could really use a refresher on the Constitution. The Constitution has a whole lotta patriotism. I wonder if Bush's server could support all that patriotism. No, I'm sure Bush's server could not support all that patriotism. [25 points. No DOS or the DOJ'll be on our ass ]
  • A graduate thesis written on napkins from a dining hall, signed off on by a thesis committee. [20 points ]
  • What was the first message sent from Chicago to DC following the first controlled nuclear reaction and how was it sent? [15 points ]
  • 37? Try not to suck any dicks on your way out the parking lot, but figure out how many dicks per foot that would be. [14 points ]
  • Demonstrate conclusively that there really is a wrong way to eat a Reese's. [8 points ]
  • A twofold item: 1. Light a cigar (Cuban of course), with a 100 dollar bill. Do not under any circumstances burn more than 49% of that bill. 2. Get the ``damaged'' bill replaced by the Chicago federal reserve bank. [22 points ]
  • The Judges have placed a personal ad in this Thursday's Reader. Answer it with a lyric or two from this year's theme song and don't forget to identify your team. [16 points ]
  • Absolut Zero. [27.3 points ]
  • Make a device such that, when a Judge throws a raw egg at it at full speed, the egg remains intact. [98 points ]
  • A burning bush, a burning Bush, and a burning Busch. [8 points ]
  • Ever been to a crowded party? Ever seen that one ``private'' room in which three of four people are smoking out of a hookah? Antisocial, aren't they? The hookahs, we mean. Make them more social. Make a hookah with as many hoses as possible. But, remember, quality over quantity! We want stained glass. We want cobra hoses. We want some good ol' harem style action. [60 points ]
  • A Fuller-projection map of Chicago. [30 points ]
  • The biggest goddamn sombrero we've ever seen. Fully functional sombreros only. [12 points per square foot. No goddamn limit. 6 bonus points for a goddamn running rendition of the Mexican Hat dance ]
  • "I Spy with My Little Eye Something that Begins With": Mile Markers: IN 27. I, IN 78. I, IN 129. I, IN 152. I, IN 189. I, OH 177. CR, OH 179. A, OH 190. GC, OH 215. GM, OH 222. BE, PA 44. RC; WWAP, PA 111. HPEM, PA 133. F, PA 120. R, PA 129. JGIOSR, 256. 4S, PA 267. M. [18 points ]
  • The 2004 Freakshowcase. The tallest person you can find. Seriously. As simple as that. The team that presents us with the tallest person gets the points. Also, throw in the hairiest chest, the biggest ears, the longest tongue, the worst tanline, the webbedest toes, the longest eyelashes, the most nipples, the longest hair, the longest nails, and the most different-colored eyes. Everything must be real, and it goes without saying that we'll give bonus points if this is all on the same person.
  • Give your prof {A professor at the University of Chicago who lectures or leads discussion during one of your classes.} a wedgie, applying normal wedgie etiquette.{Eg.shouting "wedgie'' at a level of 110 decibels or greater prior to achieving high elastic tension.} [16 points. 10 bonus points if it is an atomic wedgie.{Bringing the waistband of the underwear over the head of the prof } 3 bonus points if the prof is an atomic physicist. ]
  • The Passion of the Touchdown Christ. [35 points ]
  • Replicate Gustav Klimt's ``The Kiss'' using only lip prints. Please use non-toxic paint or not-tested-on-animals cosmetics. [72 points ]
  • II Corinthians XII:9 - And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me}. On the count of go, bench press as much Marx and Engels as you possibly can. [40 points for first. 30 points for second. 20 points for third ]
  • This event truly sucks. Teams must provide a giant straw which reaches from the ground to Ratner's upper deck. The team who can suck up a litre of water the fastest wins. You provide the bucket. [40 points for first. 30 points for second. 20 points for third ]
  • Legally change your name to the maximum length. [37 points. 10 bonus points for numbers or special characters, like those dumb California plates. ]
  • A teammember's umbilical cord, to be eaten by that teammember. [96 points ]
  • You've already gotten married, renounced your citizenship, and been declared legally insane for ScavHunts past, now might be a good time to beat a dead horse. [1 point ]
  • Enter the Seminary Co-Op wearing only backpacks and shoulder bags. [28 points ]
  • An Easy-Bake Oven with the Special Edition Sylvia Plath inaction figure. [15 points ]
  • ``We are still on top of the wave. We, who know about Aristotle, Plato, who weave words like anachronism, transcendentalist, cosmos, metaphysical, corollary, integer, monarchical, into our breakfast speech as a matter of course---'' Who are we, and according to whom (at least in 1953, when this previous Pulitzer prize--winning author described us as such)? [19.53 points ]
  • Real quicksand that can sink the Tiniest Judge. [73 points ]
  • Get your team's song uploaded for purchase at iTunes. [51 points ]
  • You Kant leave without exHuming the largest, smallest, and most general items you can Locke your sites on. See item \ref{general}. [20 points ]
  • A permanent tattoo (we're talking the real deal) that reads, ``Sorry about the syphilis, can we still be cousins?'' [69 points ]
  • The URLs of the blogs of the Judges. [8 points/blog ] {one of the judge's blog is on CM main page - in the also see column.}
  • A stratigraphic column of Chicago made out of Jell-O. [45 points ]


    Morcy | May 07, 2004

    I had very little to do with the hunt this year. Plus, the cricket-themed items I think maxed out with the Bowl Me Over item back in 2001.

    Morcy | May 07, 2004

    I forgot... 2002 had this item: 300. The score sheet for the 1893 match between the English soldiers in the cantonment of Champaner versus the Champaner villagers. Blank scoresheets will be handed out during the Captains' Summit. [322 / 3 points] A lot of teams did very well with this item. Probably like five teams at least had how every person got out, etc.

    sepoy | May 07, 2004

    WOW. Hats off to the 2002 teams that dug those facts out. Purely my own edification, I want to see that score card as well. I will look for it and post it.