Say it like you mean it

Posted by sepoy on October 09, 2008 · 1 min read

What is with conservatives and the word 'pakistan'? First, there was that insane Christopher Hitchens letter juju. And now comes the cry that Pock-i-stahn is so not the Amrikan pronunciation.

As a native speaker of Urdu, let me help you out: Pay-Armi-stan, Palin-s-TAN, Pick-a-side-an, Powpow-sometan.

In any case, lets learn how to pronounce Obama's name, properly.


The Acorn On ostentatiously exotic pronunciations | October 09, 2008

[...] Over in the United States of America, they are criticising Barack Obama…for pronouncing the word “Pakistan” correctly. (via Chapati Mystery) [...]

Another Damned Medievalist | October 09, 2008

Wait -- I've been saying Pah-ki-stan for all these years. Am I wrong? With a k that's not all that hard. Should it be Pahk-i-stan? Damn. Seriously (not that I'm not having small anxiety attacks over this), I cannot believe we should be expected to think someone is better for using regional pronunciations that sound harsh on the ears. And you know, it's harder to say Eye-ran than Iran. Hell, it's easier to say Pock-i-stan

Siddharth | October 09, 2008

Good one.