Said is Dead. Long Live Said!

Posted by sepoy on September 16, 2013 · 1 min read

Dear all,

On September 27th, I will be moderating an event in CCNY noting the tenth year anniversary of Edward Said. Details on the event are here. The panelists include our very own Lapata; Martín Espada, Chee Malabar (whom you should remember from here), Anjali Kamat, Kade Crockford, and Robyn Spencer. Here is the FB page for the event, should you want to like it.

It bears saying that I am intensely excited about this event, and the gathering. I also want to note that this event is truly a NYC collaboration with CCNY, CUNY, York, Columbia and NYU as well as The New Inquiry and The Asian American Writers' Workshop among the supporters. We all hope to see you there.