Safrnama-e al-Qahirah III

Posted by sepoy on December 22, 2010 · 1 min read

Khizr haunted me during my fieldwork. The legend is that he is a lost Prophet - rather a Prophet for lost souls, lost travelers, seekers. He appears when you least expect and guides you. He is immortal. He is dressed in green. When I was walking around lower Sindh, I would encounter his memory everywhere - tombs of those whose lives intersected with him, footprints of Alexander as he raced to catch him in the mist. I was looking for manuscripts and, as one wag put it, only Khizr himself could satisfy my needs.

I feel like I met Khizr in Cairo. He did have a green jersey. He was our guide. He did seem to possess the wisdom of the ages. He made Cairo come alive for me, made me see spaces I would have otherwise glossed over. It was wonderful to have shared his Cairo. Thanks, man.

These photos are of faces I saw, mostly from afar.

Next up, FOOD!


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aliyaa | December 22, 2010

aamir | December 23, 2010

lovely, pata nai yaar dil ko kuchh hota hey (next time i see you , i'm gonna tell you a very strange feeling i have , remind me...password is NYC qasoor pura etc.)............but you said "next up food" last time too.

saurabh | December 23, 2010

very nice photo set!

adem C | December 24, 2010

Very interesting. just got back from traveling myself. Here are some images --though I did not get to visit Khidr who I was told is buried in Damascus??? ans also others on