Safrnama-e al-Qahirah I

Posted by sepoy on December 19, 2010 · 1 min read

Back from Cairo bearing some deep ridges in the psyche, and in the soul. There is so much to say about Cairo and I find myself unable to articulate any of it. It cannot be enough to claim, blithely, that I fell in love with Cairo. That sounds unright. Love has too many spikes on the ECG chart. Too exciting or too distressing. This was the closest I have ever felt to returning home - without having actually arrived home.

Near the end, I contemplated staying. I was told that a marriage to a citizen yields a passport in only 2 years. Also that going undocumented is quite possible. I imagined a business that would sustain me - adding masala to various street foods in Cairo. (they have bhutta without masala!)

Funny that I thought only of alternate careers.

Here are some first shots from Cairo - many more will come. These are exteriors only.


Sophia Pandeya | December 19, 2010

A historian with the soul of a poet- I loved your intro & the photos and cant wait for more... Sophia

aamir | December 19, 2010

dard aey ga dabey payon liey surkh chiragh............................ this line is fused with my night wanderings in karachi. some of these pictures reminded me above line.