Rundown in Colombo

Posted by sepoy on July 23, 2004 · 1 min read

On Sunday, India and Pakistan will meet in Colombo, Sri Lanka for their first round match in the Asia Cup. Pakistan is defending the title it won in 2000. India is defending the can of whup-ass it opened on Pakistan in 2004.
Yes, Pakistan has the new coach but if their performance against Sri Lanka is any indication, I am not hopeful in this Sunday's encounter. The batting is atrocious. And no one took my suggestion to retire the whole squad. It is good that they have an actual physical trainer and the coach yelled at them when they lost.
I don't see the highly professional Pakistani squad sticking around for that kinda attitude. Oh well. Tendulkar is hitting in good form and the Indian team is playing around with opening combination.
I perdict a tight match but India takes this one.
update: Color me shocked. Pakistan takes this one with Shoaib Malik hitting 143. I am starting to like this guy.


Nitin | July 24, 2004

Sepoy, A tight match, but India is well capable of losing this one.

sepoy | July 24, 2004

nitin: i know what happened to my nationalism, but what happened to yours!? :)

Kiddo | July 25, 2004

damn! oh well, well played pakistan

Deevaan | July 26, 2004

i have liked Shoaib Malik eversince he won us a game against South Africa, I believe it was in Lahore. He single handedly led Pakistan to victory. Underdogs like Malik are what legends are made of keeping the mystery of the game intact. Great game but I suspect the inborn winner in Tendulkar fell prey to the negative tactics of chasing the bonus point rather than going for the whole ten yards.

Nitin | July 26, 2004

Sepoy, My brand of nationalism is well aware of India's strengths and weaknesses. It also says India will win the Asia Cup. :-) :-)

sepoy | July 26, 2004

deevaan: Yes! that was the inning as well where I became a fan of Shoaib Malik. A great striker and a great bowler. He needs bigger fans in PCB. nitin: do i detect a bet coming on...? a inter-blog, winner-takes-all (how about a graphic on the bottom somewhere saying Nitin Beat Sepoy or vice versa) and we will let the proxy fellas duke it out? Of course, India has to get into the final, first.

Nitin | July 27, 2004

Sepoy, If there's one thing in the world I wont bet on, it will be on the Indian cricket team. The only time I bet on anything, was on the cricket team, with my sister-in-law, that too half in jest. The hole it burnt in my pocket still hurts. But you can call me chicken. :-) Nitin