Rootin for the Colonials

Posted by sepoy on July 03, 2004 · 1 min read

The Goans, in India, are going crazy for Portugal in Euro 2004. First, I learn that Morocco was wildly cheering for France and now the Goans. Granted that the Portugese were the most insipid of imperialists - they got to India before anyone else and they stayed longer than anyone else - with very little to show for their troubles. But, come on people! show some nationalist pride.
It must be soccer that creates such madness as rooting for those that enslaved you. Level headed cricket fans would NEVER root for England. In fact, Pakistani viewers cheered for Aamir Khan's ragtag team of Indians against the British while watching Lagaan. So, maybe Soccer is the great unifer that cricket isn't?
I don't care, I am rooting for Greece, and not just because Dani-O is in town. Plus, the Greeks need some good news before shit hits the fan next month.
update: HA!! Greece Wins 1-0


s¯nee | July 03, 2004

GREECE !! I dont think so!! On Home ground & Scolari's invasive tactics; Portugal will definately rule tomorrow !!

Nitin | July 04, 2004

Sepoy, The Portuguese have left a cultural legacy in Goa - several Goan families carry Portuguese surnames. I think identification with the Portuguese is more a sign of confidence in Goa than a simple sucking up to ex-colonial masters.

Preetam Rai | July 04, 2004

Yes, people can have multiple allegiances, to their country, religion, as Nitin mentioned - the cultural environment etc. Under the current situation (Portugal vs. Greece). The Goan people relate more to Portugal then to Greece. So they are supporting Portugal. Where is the question of not showing nationalism here? Also, you may consider them colonial, some people there consider India as colonial power. It is relative.

Deevaan | July 04, 2004

Greece's qualifying match for the final was hardly a performance that would inspire confidence. More than the home advantage, Portugal has carried itself with a spirit not shown by any other team. I am usually rooting for the best team any given day. As much as I my heart is in my throat when Pakistan cricket team loses to anyone let alone to India, objective analysis should never leave your side and one must never grudge success if the winner has outwitted the opposition. I will even go a step further to say that Pakistan sports followers are a lot more objective and less prone to burning stadiums like the Indians as we do not let our passion or national pride get in the way of appreciating the sport which would explain the immense goodwill that the Indians got in Karachi which was a day now part of our recent history. Everytime India plays a tense match, the following day a couple of Indians die of cardiac arrest. The last time I read such a news for a Pakistan man losing his life was when Miandad hit the infamous six off Chetan Sharma at Sharjah.

sepoy | July 04, 2004

I don't know Nitin, if the portugese left THAT many descendants in Goa...I mean, the BBC article states that the it is the "winning" aspect of the Portugese team that has introduced them to many new fans to the cheering squad. Preetam: Sure, we all are multi-alligned in the world today. Colonies are now Colonial powers (um..U.S.) and all that. I am largely jesting in any case - if there is one curse of the c. 20th, it is this damn nationalism. Deevaan: I think you give too much credit to the Pakistani fan (leaving aside the just concluded series). YOU might be an appreciative lover of the game but the majority of people went through a different trauma when Pakistan lost to India in that semifinal. Or when Pakistan lost the final in 1999. And while heart attacks are hard to quantify, I do remember a record destruction of tv sets at the time. And guys...What about rootin for the Underdog?? I know it's a particularly American trait but COME ON. I want Greece to kick ass.

''ZEUS'' | July 04, 2004

SEPOY!! ''your wish has been granted''

Deevaan | July 05, 2004

I need to qualify/expand on my comment on the Pakistan fan because I agree with you about the fans venting frustration which is both human and healthy. What I mean to say is that Pakistani fans do appreciate a good performance by the opposition and what they definitely detest is complete capitulation and comprehensive defeat or atleast acceptance of defeat by Pakistan if there has been a complete failure. This is why the Karachi one-day against India was so great. Imagine 600+ runs scored on the same day. By far the best one-day every

desesperanto | July 06, 2004

The Portuguese have left a cultural legacy in Goa - several Goan families carry Portuguese surnames. far far more importantly, they created teh alphonso mango.