Ring Ring II

Posted by sepoy on July 23, 2005 · 1 min read

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

KR: Hi, Rove here

SH: Hello, Mr. Rove. This is Seymour Hersh from the NewYorker. I am working on a story about the machinations behind the Iraqi Elections and I wanted to get the WH reaction to a few of the claims made by people involved in the process. Primarily, the question is whether you covertly spend money and resources to assure a higher vote for Allawi and other Sunni parties. And so, in that regards, ..., hello? Mr. Rove? Are you there?

KR: What are your sources?

SH: Well, I talked to Larry Diamond, a senior adviser to the C.P.A. And Noah Feldman, a consultant on constitutional issues for the C.P.A. Les Campbell, the regional director of the N.D.I. for the Middle East and North Africa. And Ghassan Atiyyah, the director of the Iraq Foundation for Development and Democracy. And many others.

KR: I gotta give you a "big warning", Sy. You are wrong on this story. There is a rogue agent in CIA. Wilson's wife. She used to date all of them. They have an agenda. This is off the record. We can't say anything. Really. Just looking out for you, here. Don't make an ass out of yourself again like you did on that ApuGharib thing. Egg on your face, man!

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