Ring Ring

Posted by sepoy on June 20, 2004 · 1 min read

India, Pakistan Establishing Nuke Hotline
"Hello..Ji? Who is it, please? Koon Bol Raha Hai?"
[chatting in the backround]
"Hello, kon? Jamali? I told you this number was secret."
"Hello, bhai"
"Namaskar. This is Priyanka. Is Ayla Baji around?"
"No. She is not home. How are you, baiti?"
"Oh. I am good. Just wanted to say hi to Baji."
"I will tell her. No problem. Is your mother around?"
"I gotta go. Ciao."[click]
"It's bloody 3 in the morning!"
"Damn it Jamali, don't make me send Gen. Akhtar and get your telephone set taken away."
"Hellooooo, Jamali"
[clipped British accent]"This is Manmohan Singh, Mr. President"
"HA! you think I am an Idiot, you huge mountain of folly!?"
"Mr. President, I assure you, this is the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. We need to talk"
"Right. Sorry about that Sardar Ji. Jamali is really pissing me off lately."
"Be that as it may, Sir. Can you please explain to me why The Government of India was billed for 635 hours of AOL-Asia dialup on this number?"


marlowe | June 20, 2004

That is the funniest fucking thing I've ever read.

har | June 21, 2004


S Simon | June 23, 2004


Toro | June 23, 2004

Maa kasam bhaari item tha yeh! Kudos... Ab koi series banaenge iska? :)