Review of WTWFA

Posted by sepoy on December 05, 2011 · 1 min read

Nandini Ramachandran reviews WTWFA for the Sunday Guardian:

The size of its betrayal would've forced Manto into asking his fellow citizens what he once asked Uncle Sam — my country is poor, but why is it ignorant? This is a query that haunts Manan Ahmed as much as Manto, and his book is an antidote to the assumptions many make about Islamic societies. Wild Frontiers taps into the angry bewilderment of generations of postcolonial thinkers. Why is it, everyone from Frantz Fanon to Eqbal Ahmad to Mahmood Mamdani has asked, that modern civilisation insists on operating in binaries?

In the meantime: THERE IS NOW A KINDLE VERSION OF THE BOOK!!!! and it is also more affordable for the holidays.

More actual content will come on this blog soon. Sigh.


Qalandar | January 03, 2012

Speaking of the holidays (okay, okay, I'm a procrastinator, so am only now buying gifts), there is a more affordable print edition available: