Radiostan #4: This Ghostbuster Stuff

Posted by sepoy on March 09, 2009 · 1 min read

As you all must know by now (because I told you), Samip and Tina host the awesome podcast on all matters desi. Episode #4 is on Magic (white and black). An added bonus is that this episode also features me (!) delving a bit deeper into the whole black magic ad thing. A bit more. Literary agents are hereby notified that I can write you the next best-seller.

And let me also pimp the earlier 3 episodes of Radiostan, so far (on names (features C. M. Naim), Dreams and Brotherhood). It is a great little show, especially in the way they incorporate songs into the themes of the show. So, go listen and be entertained and educated.

(why do I have a fake pseudo-pakhtun accent during the phone call?)