Questioning Jinnah

Posted by sepoy on August 16, 2007 · 1 min read

From the Gujarati literary journal Visami Sadi [may the internet gods smile upon whomever digitized it], May 1916, comes this nugget of a Q&A with Mohammad Ali Jinnah [link and translation via Daily Times] :

Q: What are the qualities a man should be admired for?

A: Independence (swatantrata).

Q: What are the qualities a woman should be admired for?

A: Taking care of the elderly (vrudhdha-dari).

Q: What do you think is true success in life?

A: To be admired and loved by people (lok-no chhah melavva-ma).

Q: What's your favourite pastime?

A: Horse riding (ghode-savari).

Q: What's your favourite flower?

A: Lilly.

Q: Who's your favourite writer?

A: Shakespeare.

Q: What's your favourite book?

A: Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas).

Q: What's your motto?

A: Never be depressed (kadi nirash na thavu).

"To be admired and loved by people." That does explain some things.


Anil | August 15, 2007


TheThirdMan | August 15, 2007

He did have a Master Card.

Muhammad Akbar | August 18, 2007

Once I inquired Cowasjee (Dawn Pakistan ), How come Jinnah carved a smaller secular country from a big secular India.Cowasjee responded as below "He did what he could to make a homeland for the Muslims who he feared would not be able to compete with the majority. Not confused - merely used expediency. Best AC" From the above nuggget, from 1916 it seems like poor guy(Jinnah) was just trying to meet his own need of being liked and admired by a lot of people(now 160 million and counting),evrything else in which he plated a role was incidental to it! MA

electromagnetic | August 25, 2007

This is fascinating. It sort of disturbs me to realize that several of his responses are identical or nearly so to those I would have given to those questions--even as recently as a few years ago. Monte Cristo is gold.

Aakar Patel | March 31, 2011

Hello, I made a mistake which I must correct. In his reply to the second question - "Stree ma vakhanva layak sadgun kayo?" (what are the qualities a woman should be admired for?) - Jinnah replied "Vafadari" (loyalty), and not vrudhdhadari, as I had misread. My apologies to Mr Hasan, and his readers.