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Posted by sepoy on October 24, 2005 · 1 min read

Desipundit has taken the initiative for organizing a day of relief awareness activities on Oct 26th. I designed this small logo. Please read their post and publicize this event on your blog.

You can find out about my suggestion for donations on the main page header.

Other organizations:

World Vision
Humanity First
Hidaya Foundation
TCF Relief Fund
International Rescue Committee
Pakistan President’s Relief Fund
The Human Development Foundation
The Association for the Development of Pakistan ’s Earthquake Redevelopment Fund

We can all do this. We can make a difference. Please publicize this on your pages and your blogs and your radio shows. You can even buy a Tshirt. Really.


Baraka | October 24, 2005

Excellent--will get cracking!

Kush Tandon | October 26, 2005

I have something that could be used for poster with proper permission from National Geopgraphic. http://kushtandon.squarespace.com/journal/2005/10/26/blog-quake-day.html

Ali Hanafi | October 27, 2005

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTS: Mitch Stoller, Bennet Ratcliff (310) 806-6200, (323) 397-0687, (310) 261-0408 mstoller@groupsjr.com, bratcliff@groupsjr.com U.S. and Other World Leaders Must Send 160+ Helicopters Now Or Tens of Thousands More May Die in Earthquake-stricken South Asia “Call to Action” issued by SAQUAKE.ORG, a newly-formed relief alliance of South Asian American Professional and Non-Profit Organizations NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 26, 2005 – In conjunction with today’s international relief agency conference in Geneva, Switzerland, SAQUAKE.ORG today issued an urgent appeal for the United States and other leading world governments to urgently send much-needed helicopters, tents and other relief supplies to Northern Pakistan and Kashmir. According to UNICEF estimates, 10,000 children could die of hunger, hypothermia and disease within the next few weeks. Many of these homeless are isolated with their surviving families in remote villages unreachable except by helicopter. As the Himalayan winter rapidly approaches, they are at risk of dying from hypothermia, disease and hunger. “Time is running out – an additional 160 helicopters must be dispatched immediately to aid relief missions or thousands more will needlessly die, and only a handful of governments can make this happen. We must step up now or forever regret our inaction,” said Dilawar Syed of the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN). Earlier today, Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) echoed this call, citing the need for the immediate shift of more “Chinooks, Blackhawk’s and other suitable craft” from “right across the border in Afghanistan.” Currently, there are an estimated 60 operational relief helicopters in Northern Pakistan and Kashmir and another 20 expected. However, the United Nations and other relief agencies estimate an additional 160 helicopters are required to carry out a successful evacuation of earthquake victims. “The United States must not miss a unique opportunity for public diplomacy with Pakistan, a key ally. The Bush administration ultimately delivered much needed – and appreciated – Tsunami relief to Indonesia. Now is the time to make a similar commitment to South Asia by supplying helicopters – and building goodwill in this important region,” said S. Asif Alam, President of Association of Pakistani Professionals (AOPP). Key Facts to Consider (Source: Weekly National Security Index or as listed) Official Death toll of the earthquake 49,739 persons Number of displaced children expected to die in the next few weeks (UNICEF) 10,000 children Total U.S. humanitarian assistance committed to the region $26.4 million Immediate assistance needed for first six months (U.N. OCHA estimate) $550 million U.S. assistance provided to nations affected by December 2004 Tsunami $907.3 million Number of Homeless (U.K. department for International Development) 3.2 million About SAQUAKE.ORG SAQUAKE.ORG is an alliance of South Asian American professional and non-profit organizations working jointly on aid relief efforts in the aftermath of the South Asian earthquake of October 8th, 2005. It comprises the Association for the Development of Pakistan (www.developpakistan.org), the Association of Pakistani Professionals (www.aopp.org), Developments in Literacy (www.dil.org), the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN) (www.opensiliconvalley.org) and Youth Outreach DIL (www.yourdil.org).

Procrastination | October 25, 2005

Blog Quake Day It is Earthquake relief day through blogs. Please help in the relief efforts in South Asia as millions require our assistance.

PETER HESS | November 13, 2005

DEAR SIR The International Charitable Fund Garants is the international charitable organization, which unites the physical and legal persons of Latvia and other states with the purpose of realization of charities in interests of a society of the States and special categories of the citizens. The activity of Fund is distributed in territories of Latvia , Russian Federation and other states. The basic purpose of activity of the Fund: Assistance to practical realization of the nation-wide, regional, local and international programs directed on improvement of social-economic situations and granting's the material and financial help in Latvia and other states. Granting the help to the citizens, who have suffered from natural calamity, ecological, technogenic disasters and other accidents. Assistance development of public health services and protection of maternity and children, rendering help to liege and needy families. Realization of other measures of charity and granting. Mutually with the states of Western Europe and Asian region to support other organizations in realization of the programs focused on the development of business, tourism and recreation in LATVIA The ways of realization of the charity: Disposable financial, material and other help; Permanent financial, material, and other help; Financing the target programs following from the tasks of the Fund; Rendering the charity help in accordance with agreements (contracts); Donation or sanction on gratuitous (preferential) use of objects of the property of Fund; Rendering direct help by personal work, services or transferring of results of personal creative activity; Gratuitous payment on complete or partial maintenance of objects of charity; Other measures, which are not forbidden by the Law. Good idea - Good word - Good business Distribution of the Humanitarian Aid Creating and developing our own system of rendering charitable support we realize perfectly well that it is not in our power to cover all the indigent people. Orphaned children and children without parental guardianship. Children from large or poor families, old people, disabled people, victims of Chernobyl catastrophe, refugees and migrants - there are categories of the population that badly need social protection and care. Rendering support to indigent people is really a common cause. Practical activities that we carry out in this direction include receiving, customs clearance and further distribution of loads of charitable support among the organizations and institutions rendering social support to the population. Clothes, shoes, food, linen, toys for children, school articles, medical equipment - this is not the whole list of loads that were received during our Fund's activity from Austria, the USA, Ireland, Slovakia, Italy. Thanks to the sincere and friendly support of our foreign partners thousands and thousands of citizens got the necessary material support in Latvia The organizations that regularly get our charitable support include local center rendering services to pensioners and single disabled people, children orphanages, hospitals, children pre-school institutions, public organizations for large families, disabled people, veterans of war and labour. A Russian proverb says that "It is not only bread that feed a person". We realize that these are only joint efforts of all the charitable, public and religious organizations and state social services that give a possibility of a radical improvement of the social situation and we are always ready to collaborate. The Fund deals with receiving loads of charitable support, distribution them among different organizations and establishments in order to give them to orphaned children, children from families of moderate means, victims of Chernobyl catastrophe, sic and old people and disabled people. In this way we help other organizations to render support to the most socially unprotected layers of the population. Our address Gertrudes street 59 RIGA.LV1010 phone 003719105098 E-mail hess-peter@mail.ru PETER HESS

run.ltw : 10/05 | November 13, 2005

[...] Manan Ahmed, of Chapati Mystery, is selling T-shirts, all commissions of which will go towards relief efforts. [...]

Pastor Imtiaz Munir | November 28, 2008

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ, (01) Project Title: Part financing and caring for crippled Children affected with Polio and deformities in the above centre, under the God Foundation Child Ministry Regd. Faisalabad, Pakistan. (02) Name and Address of Applicant Pastor Imtiaz Munir c/o Mr. Johnson Bhatti, Director, God Foundation Child Ministry Regd. Street No. 4, Warispura Faisalabad, PAKISTAN. Phone: 092-03006636071, e-mail:- godfoundation1999@yahoo.com, imtiaz_munir@hotmail.com (03) Project Recommended By Most Rev. Bishop James Dean, Chairman, God Foundation Child Ministry Regd. Presbyterian Church in Pakistan. Street No. 6, Ibn-e-Mariam Colony, Malkhanwala Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. (04) Name and Address of the person responsible for this Project God Foundation Child Ministry Regd. Street No. 4, Warispura, Faisalabad, PAKISTAN. (05) Cost of the entire Project In Euro 6520.00 In Pakistan currency Rs. 717,200.00 (06) Introduction God Foundation Regd. stands for Social Transformation and Economical Prosperity. It is a Purely Christian oriented Group working since 1999 and set up to address the issues and challenges faced by the poor people especially socially, economically and culturally exploited people. God Foundation has observed that Government of Pakistan alone cannot do much for the poor people in urban and rural areas. Its activism is purely non-Valiance and Peaceful. God Foundation Regd. is non-government, non-profitable organization and working to uplift illiterate people through development programme and providing academic facilities to the very poor children and women. God Foundation Regd. was started at grass root level to uplift the marginalize people especially in rural areas. This Foundation was formed in the year 1999 by the local people of Faisalabad and Registered by the Government in 2004. (07) Description of the Project This Project is situated in the city of Faisalabad, in the central area of the country in the largest Province called the Punjab. Faisalabad is an industrial city. Faisalabad is the third largest city in Pakistan. The majority of the inhabitants belong to the Muslim community. The Christian (Catholics and other Christian denominations) are a small minority living in harmony with the others. The Project involves the care and re-habilitation of children severely affected by polio and who have been neglected due to poverty and who have been unable to treat these affected children. (07.1) The Origin of the Project A Christian well-to-do lady belonging to the Church of England and who had been living in Pakistan for very many years had left a house for charitable purpose. This was part of her Will and with strict instructions that this house should be only used for charitable purpose, preferably to care for neglected and physically handicapped Children. God Foundation open the charitable centre for disabled and physically handicapped children. The House was renovated in 1980 and began on a very small scale with few children. During the course of the years many affected children have been admitted and treated medically with success. A few Muslim children have also been admitted and everything possible is being done to care and assist them. (07.2) The Beneficiaries Since God Foundation helping these Crippled Children from the very beginning has not made any distinction in the choice of physically handicapped children, the centre admitted children from both the Christian and Muslim communities. The atmosphere is very cordial and they live like brothers and sisters. At present we have 42 disabled children between 4 to 8 years of age. There are many more requesting admissions but financially we are unable to admit them. Since the inception of this Institution we are happy to announce to you that over 1647 children have been restored to normal life and the parents are grateful for the assistance granted them. There have been advanced cases that could not be fully cured but are able to live happily with this defect in their families and be content with partial cures. (07.3) Situation of the Project This Institution is a centre where love and dedication is the primary aim of the Staff. This centre radiates a genuine mission of Christian witness. It is a very difficult mission but the dedication of the this Foundation and the lay staff is greatly appreciated by all who visit these children, both from the Christian and Muslim communities. God Foundation and the lay Staff devote their entire life in caring and tenderly looking after these unfortunate children. All those who visit the Institution show real human concern and do help with donations of food and other essential commodities. These disabled children attend regular school in the centre and we have found out that many of them are intelligent and hardworking. The majority is keen in studying and all efforts are made to help them. (07.4) Our financial commitment is our main concern Our main concern is the heavy expenses we incur in providing the essential requirements for these children. The main items that are very expensive are the following: # Medicines of various kinds for oral and external use. # Special types of shoes and other instruments that are used to help them move and walk gradually while been treated and assisted. # Walking material and walkers to help in their movements. # Braces and other items to assist them in their movements and mode of communication. # Medical help for their operations and particular treatment in the post operation period. # Food and nutrition for sustaining them in good health. All the artificial means of assistance mentioned above are locally produced but very expensive. These children come from very poor family backgrounds and do not pay any thing financially for their board, lodging or treatment. We have to provide everything to help them walk again and be cured. God Foundation has to make constant requests for financial assistance from donors and friends, but this is not sufficient to cover the over all expenses. This is the main reason we are requesting financial help from your Agency in order to make ends meet and not let these unfortunate children be deprived of care and medical help to their limbs. (08) Cost of Running the Institution for one year Food and Lodging Rs. 300.00 x 42 x 12 151,200.00 Average cost of medicines per month Rs. 14,000.00 x 12 168,000.00 Cost of annual purchase of artificial instruments (limbs) 95,000.00 Education Material 140000.00 Salaries for the Domestic Staff Rs. 3500.00 x 4 x 12 168,000.00 Household utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone) 80,000.00 Miscellaneous 65,000.00 TOTAL cost for one year Rs. 867,200.00 Local Contribution for one year Contribution from Friends and Well Wishes Rs. 150,000.00 Amount request Rs. 717,200.00 In Euro @ Rs. 95.00 7550.00 This is our humble request and appeal to you for cooperation and contributive freewill financial help to share the needs of these most deserving persons in restoring health. We hope you would extend your love and sympathies for these more deserving people. I am very happy to invite you to please visit us any time. We also request for donation for incoming Christmas. You can send your donations through the Western Union. May God pour out His abundant Blessings upon you all. Yours in Christ, Pastor Imtiaz Munir, Director, God Foundation Regd. Visit us: www.gfpakistan.org