Protests in Dubai

Posted by sepoy on April 09, 2006 · 1 min read

Somethings happening here...


elizabeth | April 09, 2006

and here.... happy blog-birthday! may there be many more.

Chan’ad Bahraini Blog Archive Migrant workers get organized | April 10, 2006

[...] And yesterday the Guardian published an article (hat tip: Sepoy) providing conclusive evidence of labour action coordination taking place: The construction workers, packed together inside the tiny hut in one of Dubai’s harsh desert labour camps, are breaking the most fundamental of all the draconian laws governing immigrants within the United Arab Emirates - they are holding a union meeting, a practice that is banned in all but one of the Gulf States. They are also plotting their next move in protest at their treatment by their Arab employers who, they claim, exploit them for cheap labour. It’s a move that will, for the first time, involve direct confrontation with the millions of tourists who visit the city every year. They plan to shame foreigners into taking notice of their plight. [...]