PostColonial Cricket

Posted by sepoy on April 17, 2005 · 1 min read

Played a few games of cricket yesterday. The venue was the entrance to the Reg. Ostensibly, we were all there for this. But, the sun was shining blue and I had a bat in my hand after a long, long time. The teams and the audience were a mixed bag of subalternists, cambridge wallas, and the few-representin' orientalists. Rajeev was the man-of-the-match, even though he had never played the game before [also, mad props to Kaushiki]. Proving once again, that cricket welcomes its native sons and daughters.

I was going to write up some thoughts about the conference but then I realized that: it will all be coming soon to a bookstore near you, so why bother; Pakistan just won the 1-day series 4-2; the match was watched
The General ["My hand is extended for a clap and I hope both of us clap because it takes two to clap"]; farangi is doing the Revelations and I need to get out of his way.

Enjoy the sunday, gentle readers.


morcy | April 17, 2005

I have the fever. Hearing the game calls on Weekend Edition this am as part of their in-depth analysis on the state of relations between the two nuclear powers (or something... judge here ), I decided spring is making a serious beckon to the world of the athletic for me. I'm gonna start bringing athletic wear to work. But does coming to cricket via Australia make me an orientalist? Or just a loudmouth?