Postcards from the Archives: Goodbye 2018

Posted by patwari on January 01, 2019 · 3 mins read

The highpoint of the year for CM was the publication of Lapata's The Woman's Courtyard, a translation of Khadija Mastur's Aangan that's been getting rave reviews (here, here, here, here). CM published an extract from the book's Afterword that you can read here.

We published a roundtable--our third!-- on Kim Wagner's The Skull of Alum Bheg: The Life and Death of a Rebel of 1857 (2017) with Sepoy's intro and insightful reviews by Zoya Sameen, Ilyse R. Morgenstein Fuerst, Sonia Qadir, and Gaura Narayan, along with the author's response.

2018 was a great year for our XQs series. We published 6 new interviews on recent(ish) first monographs from South Asian Studies: Anand Vivek Taneja, Jinnealogy; Mitra Sharafi, Law and Identity in Colonial South Asia: Parsi Legal Culture, 1772-1947; Harleen Singh, The Rani of Jhansi; Ilyse R. Morgenstein Fuerst, Indian Muslim Minorities and the 1857 Rebellion; Ammara Maqsood, The New Pakistani Middle Class; Debjani Bhattacharya, Empire and Ecology in the Bengal Delta: The Making of Calcutta. (We could use some help keeping the XQs and roundtables going. See Sepoy's call.)

Sepoy wrote about anti-Ahmadi proselytization and the magazine Chatan. Mariam Durrani wrote a guest essay on AAS' Pakistan scholar problem, titled AAS and the “Problem” of Muslims in India. I published a report on a teach-in on the Indigenous Peoples Day at U of M, and Miranda Garcia wrote a report on a WoC poetry event.

Here at CM, we bid farewell to Asma Jahangir, and our friend, Annie.

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