Postcards from the Archive - Goodbye 2019

Posted by patwari on January 04, 2020 · 1 min read

2019 was a year of changes and new beginnings for CM. Long overdue, the website moved to GitHub (we are still working out the kinks with the move); Qainchi and Sonia Qadir joined CM editorial crew; we started a new series of posts for reporting on South Asian Studies conferences (here, here, here).

We published four XQs on first-author books by Aniruddha Bose, Amy Bhatt, Mubbashir Rizvi, and Harmony Siganporia.

CM also published two all women-of-color Roundtables, on Annie Ali Khan’s Sita Under the Crescent Moon, and Samia Khatun’s Australianama.

See also 99 Nights in Logar– A Conversation with Jamil Jan Kochai, Ethnographic Poetry and Kashmir: A conversation with Ather Zia,” and an extract from Chris Moffat’s book on Bhagat Singh.

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