Popularity Contest II

Posted by sepoy on January 18, 2005 · 1 min read

My humble thanks to all those who voted for me in the Brass Crescent Awards as deserving of wider recognition. I can only say that while fame will inevitably bring the coke, the hookers and the Behind the Blog retrospective, I will never forget those that have sustained me in my humble beginnings. Commentators like shakir, danial, umar, cheeni, nitin, zack, ejaz, brian, deseperanto, sumana, deevaan and others make this blog possible. I thank them and everyone else for reading. In light of the recent notoriety (and taking my cue from Nitin, Caleb), I will put up my favorite posts in one place. Look for that in the right column sometimes soon.


s¯nee | January 18, 2005

~~ Congratulations ~~ Once Again

Caleb | January 18, 2005

Yes, congrats!

Nitin | January 19, 2005

Sepoy, Congrats!

Zack | January 19, 2005


thabet | January 20, 2005

Well done!

Aziz | January 24, 2005

Sepoy, please email me for some HTML code you can display regarding your Brass Crescent Award, if you wish. Thanks and mubarak :)