Poem Perfect

Posted by sepoy on December 07, 2005 · 1 min read

Patient and steady with all he must bear, goes the first line of The Leader by this gentleman. The poem was picked up by some enterprising English-walla in the National Book Foundation board [the incoherent motto: "The World's Leading Publishing Organization of Pakistan" certainly doesn't invoke confidence now, does it?] and included in the 11th grade book. And then, someone noticed that the first letters of each verse make "President George W. Bush". Uh Oh. Investigation is underway. So embarassing. Hey, at least it doesn't say Omar and Osama Forever.

Instead of the GWB poem, maybe they will print my sycophantic entry instead,

Our President Musharraf:

Daring to lead from the front,

In a way that makes our enemies grunt,

Can a leader so brave exist?

To make our dear Pakistan persist?

All we have are foes around,

Try hard we must to confound.

Oh! we must look far and wide!

Rest never our weary behind,

Seek inside the Military combine.

Say Praise Be! for he came from the sky

Unusual it is, that Nawaz did not die!

Clear is his vision, true is his letter,

Kargil could hardly have gone any better.

He will make us all Enlightened,

Although it is a task that has frightened,

Rest of our horrid leaders,

Dictatorship is what must free us.

See if you crack that code. And if you can do better. Actually, I am sure you can.


Zack | December 06, 2005

Your poem ... well read the first letters of the last 8 lines. ;-) Amazing how incompetent Pakistan bureaucracy can be! I had forgotten, this incident reminded me.

sepoy | December 06, 2005

& you didn't catch the first letters of the first nine lines?

u fo | December 06, 2005

the utter comic genius of the poem itself is nothing compared to that of the reading comprehension questions below: "3. Is the author referring to a specific person in this poem? If you think so, do you agree that he is a true leader?"

Zack | December 07, 2005

I did.

sepoy | December 07, 2005

Zack: Ha. Let's see you do better, mate. u fo: The question is whether the reading comprehension questions were also copied over into the textbook. Someone in Pk. can answer that,

haroon | December 07, 2005

This is brilliant yaar.

Zack | December 07, 2005

sepoy: Those who can't, critique. Obviously I can't do better. I found a Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education model paper with the unexciting "Paraphrase Either of the following stanzas" about a stanza from the poem.

emullah | December 08, 2005

Excellent! Earlier I did not consider "Leader" important for my blog so made no posts. However, your contribution has made it worth to mention. I am recycling your poem in a frame next to leader I hope you dont mind because bloggin is about recylcing. I think soon our dear General is going to prepare a blogger entry exit control list and hand it over to airport personal in Pakistan ;)