Platitudes from the Olive Tree

Posted by sepoy on April 29, 2004 · 1 min read

I thought that mcsweeney' had jumped the shark but, i dare say, this is brilliant:
Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Column .

Speaking with a local farmer on the last day of my recent visit, I asked him if there was any message that he wanted me to carry back home with me. He pondered for a second, and then smiled and said, "[Short phrase in indigenous language]," which is a local saying that means roughly, "[Every branch of the tree casts its own shadow/That tea is sweetest whose herbs have dried longest/A child knows his parents before the parents know their child].


Salman | July 15, 2009

"Obama Drinks Friedman's Kool-Aid" by Thom Hartmann

Akbar | July 15, 2009

Another gem from the F***man 'That is so beautifully done. I had no idea all this happened to me.' ”