Piyo Pure

Posted by sepoy on September 19, 2005 · 2 mins read

Nothing like rains in September to make me nostalgic and homesick and cranky and all that. Back in Lahore, this time of the year was usually the best time of year. Canal Road looked magnificent and the trees outside Physics Hall [my spot was on the yellow bench] dropped leaves in giant clusters that sat undisturbed until I kicked them up. I loved [still do] to hear that crunchy sound. The chill brought with it reminders that things were changing all around. Gone was the Mango - that gaudy, show-boater. Cricket lingered for a bit but the national season would soon kick into gear and one had to watch, you know, not play. The street vendors chucked the mosambis and amroods for chalgoozas and roraris. The charred smell of roasting nuts and the wet squish of blackened leaves ... . The sweaters also came out. Lahoris love them bright, oriental-rug-patterened sweaters, oh yes they do. Panorama Center would get filled with those gaudy masterpieces and we would scramble over each other to get the latest designs.

Aw heck, who am I kidding with this walk down memory lane? The bottomline is that Fall brings misery: 1) The annual ritual of breaking into my car starts. Every year, in September, my car gets broken into. And then, in November and, then, in January. Of the years that I have lived in HP, zero can claim to be break-free. Many can claim to have more than 2 break-ins. On cue, it happened friday night. 2) THE FREAKIN' SUMMER IS OVER. 3) My own personal annual ritual of accumulating age-related anxiety and letting it all out on my birthday is officially here.

On the plus side, a CM friend in Delhi sends this Hinglish slogan to make our day: Piyo Pure. And isn't that just the message of the damn day? Piyo Pure. I will take up your offer, Dear Mother Dairy, and this weekend I will indeed Piyo some Pure nectar of gods.

also: Been watching the first season of Lost. Anyone seen it? Too many filler episodes this early in the season [we on disc 4, I think] and way too many musical interludes. Does it get better?


raven | September 19, 2005

Um sepoy - pretty writing but isn't the nostalgia kinda early this year? It's a high of 90 today in Lahore!

Zack | September 19, 2005

I don't get Lahories and Karachiites. They say that it gets cold in their city but it is rare that I have needed more than a light sweater even in Janaury.

sepoy | September 19, 2005

Zinda-dalaan-i Lahore would claim that the heat of their hearts is what makes the winter tolerable. And yes, one never needs anything more than a sweater but who has the temerity to turn down a raza'i? Plus, raven above with his insta-weather snark makes the point clear.