People's Resistance Street Theater

Posted by sepoy on February 07, 2008 · 2 mins read

I do not remember if I have called to your attention the exemplary work being done for the cause of freedom and justice in Pakistan by the People's Resistance - "a coalition of civil society organizations that includes Karachi WAF, HRCP, Women's Peace Commission, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals."

They have participated in marches, rallied, held candle-light vigils, and hosted banned TV shows on the streets. You can go through abro's flickr set to see the amazing work.

It is their public theater that has intrigued me the most. The plays are the brainchild of Shahid Shafaat. This description from Emergency Times:

Yesterday (Feb.5th, Tuesday), the street theatre group of PR did three chilling performances on sea view. It was an 8 minutes long theatre which highlighted the plight of a poor household, where a 'chowkidaar' takes absolute control by promising 'khushhaali' to its inhabitants. Instead of their situation getting any better, the family is fed-up by the chowkidaar's demands for security measures in their home. Finally, complete chaos takes place as the situation of the family and of society in general goes from bad to worst. During the pandemonium, the narrator stops everyone and interacts with the crowd.

A lot of different and interesting views were exchanged with people on the beach. However, probably because of my green army cap and crude punjabi-accented portrayal of the 'chowkidaar', people immediately answered Musharaff as the main culprit for the family's plight. When asked what could be the solution for the household's problems, many people simply suggested the removal of the army from civilian affairs, while others stated that all of us have to work together for the nation's betterment.

You can see pictures and also read about their first play, Jadugar at Teeth Maestro as well.