Party Like It Is 1899

Posted by sepoy on February 19, 2009 · 1 min read
In choosing this setting for the Ball, we have sought neither to excuse or dismiss any historical events, nor to support or challenge any interpretation now placed upon them. It is clear, however, that some people have found our reference to the British Empire to be distasteful. We are unhappy that any offence should have been caused; that was certainly not our intention. We have therefore decided to remove immediately the word “Empire” from the May Ball website and from all future promotional material.

BOOO! What has this world come to? Fly your freak empire flag, proud! I say. I will give my only chuddy for a chance to attend this here, ball:

[ht, begam samru]


Conrad Barwa | February 25, 2009

About bloody time, this was an appalling choice of theme and coming from Cambridge just makes this look like an even more elitist event that it otherwise would have been.