Posted by sepoy on June 13, 2006 · 1 min read

Paris and Nicole trade in their designer dresses for traditional saris when they take over the responsibilities of a traditional Pakistani mom. With the patient help of their "husband" and Americanized fifteen-year-old "son," the girls manage to dress, speak and dance like conservative Pakistani housewives... the mind, it boggles.


sven | June 13, 2006

The translation for... "HEY BITCH!" is?

SP | June 13, 2006

"Oye, churail!"

Sin | June 13, 2006

OK, first off my math skills suck, so your verification thing required the opening of Calculator in Windows. Secondly, I'd have gone with "Abhay oye, kutti!" (or kutiya, depending on how proper I felt). Thirdly, the FUCK? I want my mother to watch this.

sepoy | June 13, 2006

I concur w/ Sin: Oye Kuttiya! would be my translation of Hey Bitch. Churail is an interesting choice, I dig. But not accurate. Also, sorry about the math, Sin. Trying to keep them spambots in check. Anyways, as a Barrister, you will be counting money plenty :)

AD | June 13, 2006

Prithviraj finally has his revenge on the House of Ghauri... MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

sepoy | June 13, 2006

I thought AQ Khan was the revenge!

Zack | June 16, 2006

You can watch it on YouTube of course. Not that I recommend it!

sepoy | June 16, 2006

Ah Yes, YouTube. Thanks Zack. Here is the whole episode in three sections ... Paris prayin' in the last segment is something I really didn't need to see.