Pardon the Dust

Posted by sepoy on April 07, 2005 · 1 min read

A bit of spring cleaning, remodelling, tearing down and building up is in progress.
announcements tomorrow.any problems with IE may be addressed but please just use firefox.
comments are welcome.

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Zack | April 07, 2005

Cool new look. And is Chapati Mystery turning into a group blog?

nykol | April 07, 2005

Love the new logo. Fabulous. Wazzup with the group blog, eh? I'm intrigued.....

sven | April 07, 2005

yeah. group blog means sepoy has deepened his level of laziness at university.

Ralph Luker | April 07, 2005

The new look is great, Sepoy; but then I liked the old look, too. Group? Group? What's this about a group? Makes me feel grandfatherly. Soon there'll be little Sepoys running around all over the place.

Chanad | April 07, 2005

Love it! Especially that new image of the Sepoy in the sidebar. He looks so happy,... like the smiling Buddha.

Ms. World | April 07, 2005

It looks groovy! Sometimes I`m really really into my own world, so maybe I missed this- Are you still writing your disseration?

s¯nee | April 08, 2005

A very pleasant look. I like this CM ver 2.0. IE opening is still weird ; rocks on firefox! Keep up the good work !