Pakistan Responds

Posted by sepoy on November 06, 2008 · 1 min read


jawad | November 06, 2008

Nice. where did you get these images. I like the headline "America elects its first black skinned president in history". Just a reminder what a bogus construct race is.

President Obama: New Man, Old-Party Politics… What will this mean for Change? « The Migrants’ Tea Room | November 06, 2008

[...] of the catastrophic plague which the Bush administration so graciously presented us. Even those in Pakistan and Iran — two countries which the US has deeply censured and isolated itself from - are offering [...]

Desi Italiana | November 06, 2008

And Afghanistan responds: "In Afghanistan, where American troops are also deployed in an increasingly bitter war, the election brought a rebuke . “Our demand is to have no civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The fight against terrorism cannot be won by the bombardment of our villages,” said President Hamid Karzai, referring to a string of coalition airstrikes that have caused civilian casualties.""

Pakistan and the American Presidency « Mob and Multitude | February 09, 2009

[...] are believed to key al-Qaeda figures though that’s yet to be confirmed. Pakistanis’ initial fervour for Obama’s presidency was tempered by these attacks. The leading English daily Dawn noted in [...]