Murderers at Large

Posted by sepoy on September 12, 2008 · 2 mins read

Pakistan, gentle readers, is imploding.

Zordari has been sworn in as President at the back of deals made with MQM and other nefarious organizations (here's lookin at you, Zalmay!)

US/NATO air and ground troops are conducting operations inside Pakistan - with requisite civilian casualties and widespread public discontent in Pakistan.

But, these two recent stories break my heart:

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from a remote area of Balochistan province, that five women were buried alive, allegedly by the younger brother of Mr. Sadiq Umrani, the provincial minister and a prominent leader of the Pakistan People's Party, the ruling party. However, police have still not arrested the perpetrators after one month of the incident.


The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that an anchor person working for a prominent television channel has incited Muslims in Pakistan to kill - to devastating effect. The targets are followers of the Muslim Ahmadi sect, a group which has been declared non-Islamic under the constitution of Pakistan. The first killing happened within 24 hours of the broadcast, and just under two days later a district chief of the Ahmadi was murdered. Followers of the religion are understandably frightened, and many have left their homes and are taking shelter at their central mosque, the Rabwa.

These are not simply heinous crimes - these are markers of severe damage appearing in a society that is cracked and fissured.

It goes without saying that I expect all of you to click to AHRC site and send a petition to responsible parties. It's the least we can do.

ps. Here, in a more innocent time, I introduced you to "Dr." Aamir Liaquat Hussain - a murderer.

pps. Yes, I do believe that "Dr." Aamir Liaquat Hussain should be prosecuted, as a murderer, for the deaths.


jawad | September 11, 2008

There is a massive sunni-shiah civil war going on in Parachanar, that hardly any news media is covering. By chance, my taxi driver yesterday turned out to be from Parachanar. He rejected my theories of a Saudi+Israeli-vs-Iranian proxy war. "Maybe 5%, the rest is all local jahalat, savagery and inhumanity. We are the enemy." He said, probably correctly.

Khalid | September 12, 2008

Jawad, the taxi driver is absolutely right. AL' AN'AM, the 6th Chapter of The Holy Quran declares: "Say, 'He has the power to send punishment upon you from above you or from beneath your feet, or to confound you by splitting you into sects and make you taste the violence of one another."

Soma | September 13, 2008

Religion. Crazy. Here you are Professor, a man who has spent his adult life studying texts looking for context, double meanings, interpretation and so on. From the Mughals to the British, asking yourself "what does this document really mean?". And then you read a book "from the mouth of God" and you just on its face believe that is from some kind of diety. you seem to have a bigger brain than me, but mine works better. odd

sepoy | September 13, 2008

Soma: I am really unclear as to the import behind your comment. My personal religiosity - not that it is any of your business - is not a topic of discussion in my post. Can you please expand on whatever it is that, you are hinting at? And just to keep your snark updated, I am not a Professor.

Soma | September 13, 2008

It's just a thought. But I'll keep to the topic on this post. "In a program aired on 7 September 2008 the anchor of the religious program 'Alam Online', Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain--also former federal minister for religious affairs--declared the murder of Ahmadi sect members to be necessary (Wajib ul Qatal) according to Islamic teachings," other than being a hilarious statement. How can we criticize Oreilly, or sean hannity after learning about this? Am I living on the same planet as Pakistan? Are you sure this is not some dystopian future envisioned by Philip K. Dick? Yes, lets respect this society's territorial integrity. How dare the USA bomb the fanatics in this country. How evil of them!