Orientalist details

Posted by sepoy on April 17, 2004 · 1 min read

Details - The Most Irrelevant Magazine Ever - pissed off Asians in their April issue [full disclosure: in 1993, i had a Details subscription that lasted 8 months]. The culprit was a Gay or Asian? style guide featuring a metrosexual (!) oriental and blurbs like "A bonsai ass requires delicate tending". Indeed.
Needless to say, the East Asian community protested their metallic snickers off in front of the Details office yesterday.
All this is barely amusing and i only have a couple of incidental observations. First, what happened to us south asians? how come we haven't cracked the Habib-gas-attendant and Patel-KnightsInn-clerk glass ceiling? When can we be cool enough to be slurred wearing $400 jeans and Dolce&Gabbana Suede Jackets ("Keeps the last samurai warm and buttoned tight on the battlefield").
I would love to go protest such injustice in manhattan.
Secondly, as gerry would attest, I use with glee the 18th and 19th century descriptions of the Asian races (wily chinee, crafty hindoo, savage mohammadin) and in that regard i appreciate Details trying to put a 21st century spin on it.
I insist that future posts in Details should include "Terrorist or Paki?" and "JobStealer or Bharati?" as well as hard-hittin' investigative pieces such as "Curry: The Thais stole it from the Indians" and "Queer Eye for the Mullah".
hmmm...maybe I should work on these myself.