Oracles of Google

Posted by sepoy on November 10, 2004 · 1 min read

This is the most pathetic question plus price.

And this. And this pissed me off (do read the NB at the end - god, I will have to teach such cretins for the rest of my life!).

Google Answers is the new google. Thank you Mark for providing a new source of entertainment!


nathaniel | November 09, 2004

ha. why are you complaining? if questions like that will net you one hundred bucks, seems to me you should just ditch [...] and start surfing the google GOD HELP ME posts every day. you'll be flush in no time ;-) Nathaniel

Sumana | November 10, 2004

Oh my goodness, some of the questions people are willing to pay $2 to ask a researcher instead of checking themselves. And I thought people who use 411 instead of a phone book were decadent!