Open Thread

Posted by sepoy on July 26, 2005 · 1 min read

Ask. Comment. Converse. Narrate. Send me a note.


Jonathan Dresner | July 26, 2005

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a group which you would prefer didn't come up in your confirmation hearings?

sepoy | July 26, 2005

Ha. No. I have never been a member of ANY group. Funny that. I was just looking over the citizenship papers. Did you know that they ask you if you ever been a drunkard? [this apart from the old communist party question] The drunkard bit surprised me because they didn't ask if you were "convicted" of drunk driving but whether you were an alcoholic. Whaa? Why?

farangi | July 26, 2005

Actually, I was a member of the Federalist Society. No kidding. I left after the President asked me to slaughter the younglings.

Morcy | July 26, 2005

An Open Thread? CM is over. Is this an invite to post pictures of my cat?

sepoy | July 26, 2005

morcy: i thought all you had were kareena kapoor vidcaps?

tsk | July 26, 2005

amazingly, only 3 hits come up when googling "have you ever been a drunkard?" looking for further insight. 2 are CM. since i can only speculate (which tends to devolve to conspiracy theories), i bet it was a ploy to keep out the irish. or at least make us lie. that, or some relics of Prohibition may never die...

Azher | July 26, 2005

The other hit on google incidently is tips on a good immigration interview.

sepoy | July 26, 2005

heh. [via boingboing]

Morcy | July 26, 2005

I dunno about no K4r33n4 vidcaps, but I finally decided to do that billion horny boys' work and try to find said smut. was the first google hit, and, ding ding ding, all the R1y4 S3n action a body could ask for, or something like that. Are the boys afraid of registering at dt? Since this is an open thread, I'm going to say that Lizano brand salsa is stupendously good and reminds me of the "chili sauce" we used to put on burgers in .au. That "chili sauce" is popular in .au is one of the charming quirks of empire.

needles | July 26, 2005

My citizenship thingy is coming up in a couple of years... (I hope anyway, after twenty years of being an illigal alien and the last three being a green card holder) Can we lie about the drunkard question? hehe...

sepoy | July 26, 2005

morcy: gonna have make some burritos with that sauce. looks good. needles: i still haven't decided on the citizenship. might just renew my green card. can't lie to the federal govt. about my state of inebriation, really. Good thing I am on a "hiatus" or this and that have enough steam to keep CM chugging for a week.

wanderer | July 26, 2005

ooh open thread. okay i seek the opinions of you and your esteemed readers. if you were admitted to SOAS, UCL, King's, and Queen Mary for their LLM programs, which would you pick? not so hypothetically, this is my dilemma and i have no clue. all in london, all good (okay Queen Mary not as good as others), but which one?

sepoy | July 26, 2005

I vote King's based on absolutely no information. King's. Try it like, "Yes, I did my LLM at King's. What about you?" See?

Morcy | July 27, 2005

that Post piece breaks my face. When is the War on Terr^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HGlobal Struggle against Violent Extremism going to start making sense?

sepoy | July 27, 2005

Public Announcement: Moving from an office in which one has sat for seven years breaks my face, my spirit and my back. Should I take the Think Different MLK Jr and Muhammad Ali posters? What about the various concert posters? What about my wall of white man's shame? No. I leave all behind. New beginnings, and all.

gerry | July 27, 2005

Hard to know what to take and what to leave, isn't it?

nykol | July 28, 2005

Leave it all behind. Pass artifacts along to those who you deem worthy. You will acquire new ones - although that white man's wall of shame sounds REALLY tempting.

raven | July 28, 2005

Those Think Different posters might be worth something.

Morcy | July 28, 2005

how's the hiatus coming? could this jar you back into action? Granted, it's not pet cats, but still.

sepoy | July 29, 2005

morcy: that is insane. but then, all muslims are the 20th hijackers, no? So, it is deserved. O'Ratty makes that case all the time. raven: DUDE. I am going to collect them, today. To any interested: Telegraph has decided to defend "Britannia": 1. Ten Core British Values. "The atrocities of September 11, 2001, were not simply an attack on a foreign nation; they were an attack on the anglosphere - on all of us who believe in freedom, justice and the rule of law." Um.. So, were the Sharm-al Sheikh or Bali attacks on arabposphere and all of them who believe in bartering? There are more articles on "being British" there. Go educate yourself. Rob, we need a post, mate.

Saurav | July 29, 2005

Dear Sepoy, Can you send the United States of my imagination back to me (I think I left it in the waiting room of the train station at about 3 p.m. on Thursday)? I fear I have misplaced it--it's red, white, and blue, but is also nice to poor people and doesn't believe in constant structural discrimination for the benefit of a narrow economic elite! If you should happen to come across a country where you're allowed to talk about national health care without being called a socialist because there are actual socialists who would be offended by the confusion, please let me know. Thanks!

sepoy | July 30, 2005

I wish I could, mate. Last night I got yelled at for subscribing to the ideals of this nation. The reality, they assert, is grim and gruesome. Maybe they are right. I am an idealist, I know. Maybe, I am naive as well. Time to disappear in 13th c. persian chronicles....

thabet | July 30, 2005

Hopefully you'll return to illuminate us further on this.

Saurav | July 30, 2005

The reality, they assert, is grim and gruesome. Maybe they are right. I think the trouble--which I'm sure you're aware of too--is that the reality and the ideals are not so neatly separable. It took me a long time (until this week) to realize that perhaps the overemphasis on property rights and racism are highly intertwined with slavery (and similar practices) having been a crucial institution in the economy. Which is to say: do the ideals we've been given come at the cost of other, better, more fruitful ideas?

sepoy | July 30, 2005

do the ideals we've been given come at the cost o other, better, more fruitful ideas. Ah, but thar's the rub. I stood guilty of not critiquing enlightenment. Perhaps correctly. As I grow older, I grow wary of revolutions, revolutionaries. They grow wary of systems that say you can choose any color as long as it is black. Ideals and realities are, indeed, not that far away. Idealists and realists, on the other hand....

sepoy | July 30, 2005

thabet: With bated breath, I await The Rising [perversely, the rising brings to mind only yummy smelling bread and cakes. Why not the Uprising?]

Saurav | July 31, 2005

A real revolutionary (I know some!--well, one anyway) understands that the key to any kind of social change in a system like this is to convince people (whoever those people are) of something even if it might imply other means or other tactics at particular points in time for particular purposes. i.e. they're in it for the long haul, not some kind of Bernadine Dohrn school of scoial change. Vanguardism is a horrible way to go about things unless you're more interested in what you want, rather than what's best. In any case, regardless of whether you choose to be a pragmatist or an idealist, there are always intellectual options available to you that are more creative than the status quo (in ideals or policy choices). It's really only when you put yourself in a position to be politically constrained by power relationships (i.e. you might lose your job) that you have something to lose by being creative about what you think and how you think it should be implemented.