Open Calls

Posted by sepoy on June 06, 2006 · 1 min read

1. If you, or someone you know, works* on the All India Muslim League or on Muslim nationalism in India more generally or on any thing related to the people or events featured in the Muslim anticolonial movement in India, please contact me as soon as possible. We are planning a colloquium in Novemeber and I would like to extend an invitation for participation.

[* by works, I mean a current or recent graduate student in these here united states.]

2. I need to get my hands on a book published in Delhi [Farid Book Depot]. I was going to have pdcs get it for me BUT, if there are CM readers currently in Delhi or Lahore feeling generous: Sitara jo Toot Gaya: Tarikh-i Islam ke Mo'umr Jarnail Muhammad bin Qasim ki dastan-i jihad by Inayatullah and Altamash. There is either a two volume edition from the 80s or a 2004 single volume. Either will do fine. You will be thanked in stars.


Zak | June 06, 2006

I can't really help you bit I can recommend two books..Ian Talbots book on provincial politics in the areas that comprised Pakistan and A Pathan odyssey Aslam Khattak ..the man who helped coin the word Pakistan.

Abu Muhammad | June 07, 2006

Salam, 1. I dont think any work on All India Muslim League would be able to surpass Ayesha Jalal's Sole Spokesman. I am sure you must have come across it. 2. Slightly remember reading the book in 80s. I guess I have seen it on old book shops in Rawalpindi (my home town). Do tell me if you couldn't get it from anywhere and I'll get a copy whenever I go to Rawalpindi and send you insha'Allah. -wassalam