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Posted by sepoy on February 11, 2009 · 4 mins read

I usually don't watch telly, but this caught my attention. I missed the segment but found the transcript on NBC's news site. Not being up on my gossip, I can only hope this is the good news that it seems to be.

Profile: George Clooney talks about Fatima Bhutto and how he's become involved in Pakistan
11 January, 2009
NBC News: Today
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George Clooney is a mega movie star, of course, but he is using his star power these days to bring attention to a Pakistan. Ann Curry caught up with him recently.
ANN CURRY, anchor:
That's right, David. In fact, Clooney is trying to do something about what the US calls a shame that is happening in Pakistan. The hotties in Pakistan are completely missing from the news. ON Friday he was on ET to brief the anchor about their recent visits to Bollywood and Hollywood, trying to influence those tabloids to help. I spoke to Clooney about his work, and asked him why he's so concerned about the social lives of the rich and famous in Pakistan and Fatima Bhutto in particular.
Mr. GEORGE CLOONEY: There is so much distortion out there about Pakistan - that people do not realize that they have supremely attractive and intelligent eligible women.
CURRY: Now you're not just talking about Fatima Bhutto, you're trying to diplomatically change the perception of Pakistan everywhere.
Mr. CLOONEY: It's more advocacy than in any way sort of diplomatically trying to change things. We're trying desperately to shine a light on the beautiful people of Pakistan, and hopefully that light will make them shine like the stars. The news is filled with Talibanization of Pakistan, the Lawyer crisis, the impossible cost of feeding a family, the danger of nuclear armaments in the hands of religious fundamentalists. Papa Nuke is out and he may as well set up a yard-sale for Iran. Pakistan needs other news in the newscycle. Happy stories about love and romance.
CURRY: So what did you tell the paparazzis you might think might help to that end?
Mr. CLOONEY: You know of my struggles with them. This is also an attempt to lure the hundreds of freelance paparazzis to Karachi - the high kidnapping and murder rate is sure to have an affect on them.
(On Fatima) Beautiful, beautiful.
CURRY: And you could use her to raise the focus.
Mr. CLOONEY: Mm-hmm.
CURRY: Why her?
Mr. CLOONEY: She has excellent bone-structure.
CURRY: And just how long are you going to be involved with her, George? This Fatima.
Mr. CLOONEY: I'll be involved with her until it's over.
GREGORY: And George Clooney can do that. Like he said, he can have paparazzi show up. How are the State Department reacting to his involvement?
CURRY: You know, actually, because there are no signs at the moment that State Department has any clue as to what to do about Pakistan. The missile strikes are not ending. Holbrooke is actually welcoming the efforts of people like George Clooney, because they want that kind of attention.
By the way, their work is becoming increasingly perilous in the region. And by the way, yes, I know you also want to ask me if he's as cute as he seems. Yes, he is. Not as cute as you, though, David, so just letting you know. You can feel comfortable in that.
GREGORY: He's a very attractive man doing good work. That's important.
CURRY: He is definitely.
GREGORY: Ann, thank you very much.

Background: George Clooney dating Benazir Bhutto's niece


Qalandar | February 11, 2009

Clooney needs a better eye twinkle to pull this sort of interview off... aww, f___ it, I'm just jealous.

elizabeth | February 11, 2009

aren't we all.

Nostalgic | February 11, 2009

Quit being jealous... just imagine the propaganda coup we will pull off if we manage to snare Clooney as our, um, brother-in-law...

Szerelem | February 12, 2009

I was totally bitchy about this bit of news at first - wtf is Clooney doing with Fatima Bhutto? Then I realized it was jealousy - I have been a fan of that excellent bone structure for long...

Desi Italiana | February 12, 2009

"Mr. GEORGE CLOONEY: There is so much distortion out there about Pakistan - that people do not realize that they have supremely attractive and intelligent eligible women." "Mr. CLOONEY: She has excellent bone-structure." What the...?

Long Time Chapati Lover | February 12, 2009

I'm glad. Diana had her Pakistani heart surgeon, Britney had her Pakistani paparazzo -- it's about time Pakistani women recieved the same recognition. (And George Clooney is a lot better the Wiener that Huma Abedin is dating)

QuarterLifePaki | February 12, 2009

Is this for real? I can't actually find the transcript on the NBC website..

Asif Sheikh | February 13, 2009

Dawn mentions the story in the negative... http://www.dawn.com/2009/02/13/top10.htm "Meanwhile, Fatima herself fell a victim recently to alleged 'spoofing', 'spamming' and 'character assassination' by a US tabloid, The National Inquirer, which linked the otherwise very correct Miss Bhutto with many years her- senior- in- age Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney. Without quoting any source, the NI report says that the two had dated after meeting at some international conference (no date, no venue and no title of the conference). The story also carries a video clip showing the two in separate frames which totally contradicts the implied claim of the NI that Clooney is all set to woo Fatima if she agreed."

Anil | February 13, 2009

Wow, is it April already?

Tazeen | February 18, 2009

a lot of Pakistani wanted that kind of new focus as well.