Posted by sepoy on October 10, 2008 · 1 min read

"I make no claims that I can comprehend the mind of a terrorist, but as a Muslim I think I have a handle on bin Laden's twisted view of Islamic eschatology." - Rany Jazayerli at 538.com.

Why? Why is the fact of being a Muslim qualify any one for anything? Seriously. I would really like to know. Are there other "Muslim only" minds we can inhabit by the mere fact of saying the shahada? What is so well-established about "Islamic eschatology"? World War III? Let me lay down just one, single, fact about "Islamic eschatology". It's all bull. shit. There is no such thing. Perhaps Jazayerli can elaborate on which particular strand of eschatological beliefs UbL subscribes to, or what the metrics of "end times" are which determined his strike.

And really, that analysis of the prescient, omniscient "bin Laden" (here is another Muslim tip, his name is Usama not 'son of laden') is so riddled with contradictions that I don't know why I picked on the above statement, alone.


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Khalid | October 11, 2008

Perhaps because it is the most senseless, mindless part of a senseless, mindless, cliche-filled junk where Rany makes it clear he knows very little about Usama, less about criminal minds, and almost nothing about Islamic philosophy.