O baby Bama

Posted by sepoy on July 14, 2004 · 1 min read

The mess Illinois Republicans are in is exquisite. After Ryan's public outing, they have been turned down by almost every leading contender for the Senate bid (all hedging their bets for the 2006 Governor's race) to the degree that a cigar-chomping, bad hipped, SUV driving Da Coach could be Da Candidate. Da Lame.
I do want to say that even though Ryan looked like a sleazeball (remember the video stunt?) to me from Day One, I was disappointed that he dropped out. Whatever he did with his wife was his business and people in glass houses ... . Still, the only man for US Senate seat from Illinois, for me, is Barack Obama. He is, dare I say, an intellectual! and a liberal! oh my. Such bad words for the American public. Even with Ryan in the race, Obama was polling far ahead. Now, he is a shoo-in.
And the DNC seems to share my enthusiasm for Obama. He will be giving the Keynote address during primetime at the Convention. I don't know how rare it is that a candidate for public office gets such a spotlight but here it is.
2012: ObamaforPresident, anyone?


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