Posted by sepoy on October 21, 2005 · 1 min read

I am going to have a weekend in Vermont, looking at the night sky. Then, I will be in Boston for the next week, attending some this or that. Any readers in the Hahvahd area, drop an email for a hail fellow, well met routine. I am good at those things.

Posts will follow as opportunity presents itself.

The drive for earthquake relief continues.

Please make some posters asking for donation of goods and money. If you write good prose, or have worked in fundraising, we can use some a substantial written plea. Please email that to me and I can forward it around, as well as post it. There are two such emails already submitted. I am creating a separate page with them. If you have any such email/web action, please email me and I will add to the list.

A unified blog donation day coupled with a campaign to write Letters to the Editors, Senators and Congress is what I am proposing. How about November 8th? That will be the month anniversary. Thoughts?

And I fucked up the date on the Desis Sans Frontieres. I am so sorry. Email me and we can fix this. Damn it.


Baraka | October 21, 2005

I can try & help out with the fundraising letter. It'll give me something to do here in the hospital. Email general talking points & who the appeal is to & I'll start cracking, insha-Allah.

Chai | October 22, 2005

I'm definately down to help with a one day donation drive. I think all the south asian affiliated television shows (zee tv, mtv, desitelevision), newspapers, Diwali/Eid celebrations, blogs should all try to coordinate. I know I may be too idealistic, but if we don't try, we won't know. Also, I think its a great opportunity for communities that have held on to historical issues can begin collaborating on small fronts. Just my two cents. And I am very willing to work, meet, donate my time and energy to this. Peace.

raven | October 22, 2005

Dude, m: drop me an email if you'd like to meet me and the wife for dinner in Harvard Sq. (Or anywhere in Cambridge or Boston.)