Not the Astros, Please

Posted by sepoy on October 21, 2004 · 1 min read

Amazing. I don't really have any passion for the Red Sox - although they appeal to my inner demons. I do have a real passion against the Yankess. They appeal to everything I hate about organized sports in the US.

Last night, I went over to tsk's crib and we enjoyed a multi-screen bonanza of God's Green Valley set right by Johnny Damon.

Two things.

1. Go read moacir on the series. He says more than I ever can but would like to. I merely quote...

And thenÖ And then. The Red Sox won. They fucking won. I couldnít believe it. But I started to believe, at least a teeny, teeny bit. And thatís when I saw the sign for the first time in the monster seats: ìWHY NOT US?î Why not have the Red Sox be the first team to force a Game 7 in MLB history after being down 0ñ3? Why not have the Red Sox be the first team in MLB history to go 4ñ0 in elimination games? Why not have the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the postseason? Why not? I knew this curse shit was garbage.

2. If the Houston Astros win and there is a Red Sox v Astros World Series, the collective heads of Washington pundits will explode from inane metaphors of the state of the Union. God, please don't.


Morcy | October 21, 2004

Well, George Bush is as much from Houston as most of the Astros players are, sooo...

nathaniel | October 22, 2004

I don't think you can put this post in your not baseball category

sepoy | October 22, 2004

Red Sox in the World Series surely is not baseball.

thatshortkid | October 22, 2004

well, the cards won. what could be politically spun from that? i suggest reading over's King Kaufman. he's been riffing on that other abomination - talking head sports coverage. he had to be more sensitive this year and call out the entire fox crew, not just the ann coulter of sports, jeannie zelasko.