Nomad Fatwa I: Life

Posted by sepoy on June 14, 2006 · 2 mins read

In a shameless attempt to garner more content for CM [and also to recycle some oldies but goodies], I decided to sit at the cool kids table set-up by eteraz of eteraz-fame. "The Nomad Fatwas is an alliance of free-thinking blogs and a carnival simultaneously. Every two weeks myself and nine other blog-friends of mine will circulate one older post each on a theme chosen by one of the Nomad Fatwas members. You can read more about the genesis and history of The Nomad Fatwas here. Like a carnival but not.

The first installation with entries on life choosen for your reading pleasure is here. I will add my own blurbs to future installments but for now, I am just going to list the authors and their posts: City of Brass 's Maximizing Human Potential; Avari 's Dig Six Feet Down To Paradise; Feministe 's Feminists Finding Love; Ambivablog 's Significant (?)Coincidence; Aqoul 's Saudi Arabia, Lesbianism, Other Coping Mechanisms; Pickled Politics 's Outsourcing the Oldies Back Home; Digitally Arranged 's God and Poverty; Sig Carl Alfred 's Tragedy Of the Lost; Towards God Is Our Journey 's Prattle From The Party III; Unwilling Self-Negation 's I am a Dark Elf; and, finally, from me, First Day Of Summer.

Enjoy. Also, I will be hosting the next History Carnival on July 1st. Consider yourself warned [looks at Rob].