Nights I have Missed Out On

Posted by sepoy on March 14, 2010 · 1 min read

Stephen Merritt:

Tiny Tim was, like yourself, a song historian.

Well, he had a pick-up band who had not rehearsed at all, I think. And what he did was play three chord cycles over and over again, and sing on top of that. The songs from the entire 20th century and part of the 19th century - songs that happened to go over those chord progressions. And every 20 minutes or so, he would switch the chord progressions he was playing. So, sort of "CFGG", then her would switch to "CGFF". And the amalgamation of the songs in a pretty random order was eventually deeply, deeply moving. And everyone in the bar, the nightclub, was crying at some point. There were six people in the audience. And very few people working. So maybe the total number of people in the room, including onstage, was 12 or something. And all of them were crying at some point. Including Tiny Tim. I think he was just very sad that night.


doktor haroun | March 16, 2010

my entire knowledge of tiny tim comes from snippets like this, but wow do they add up...i have a memory of a long ago interview that sting gave of the rigors of playing upright bass in tiny tim's band, on i think, of all places, a cruise ship...