Posted by sepoy on March 08, 2006 · 1 min read

Last night I dreamt that my dissertation got published and the ISI kidnapped me for dishonoring a National Hero. I shit you not. I need a new brain.


desiknitter | March 09, 2006

between our dissertations we've got the subcontinent's heroes covered, sepoy. i know that dream! somehow, telling yourself more copies of the book will sell doesn't make it go away, eh?

sepoy | March 09, 2006

Maybe we call Jim Laine and start a support group?

desiknitter | March 10, 2006

itni jaldi haso mat, miyan, we just might need to. >. two senior historians have both torn my book to shreds in recent nightmares, yelling bong gaalis all the while (neither of them is bong, which puzzled me.)

sepoy | March 11, 2006

bong gaalis! ha. wait until punjabi gaalis make it into the dreamscape. Also, last night in my dream, I was arrested by INDIAN police while presenting a conference paper. What the heck is wrong with me?