Never the Twain

Posted by sepoy on April 03, 2009 · 1 min read

These tips came a while back and I am sure y'all already seen it but seen together, I think they advance some new levels of morbid fascination.

The blog is something else. [Thx to pdcs, babu for tips]

Also, I will miss Neckbeard.

Also, also, why did Obama choose to visit a Muslim nation over throwing the first pitch on Sox opening day? Because he is a Muslim, of course.


tsk | April 03, 2009

Because he is a Muslim, of course. i KNEW it!! seriously though, i was just talking about the latter commercial with the dude that runs the smoke shop down the street from me. we surmised that ramirez still has another career should the whole dodgers thing epic fail. does it seem like the ones manny gets a hold of were pitched at baseball height and not bounced?

Yes man | April 03, 2009

in other news, Looks like Swat is doing a-ok. See guys? everything worked out fine

Sud | April 04, 2009

Lets start a moorish softball/wiffleball league this summer. Informal. Make t-shirts. Make use of the facilities at Washington Park, while we still can grill without having to deal with an "Olympic" rise in scrutiny. Get the blood flowing and the tans going.

Akbar | April 08, 2009

"Because he is a Muslim." Obama bowing to the guardian of two mosques or is he?

Akbar | April 09, 2009

Here Washington post enlightens us, how BHO,s tactics fuelled the rumours or was it otherway round! 'During his campaign, Obama consistently played down connections to Islam, rarely mentioning his middle name, Hussein, or his childhood years in an Indonesian state school. The tactic helped fuel false Internet-driven rumors that Obama, a Christian, had once been Muslim. But in his appearance Monday, the president noted the contributions that Muslim Americans have made to the United States, saying that many Americans "have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country." "I know," Obama said, drawing applause from the lawmakers, "because I am one of them."

Qalandar | April 09, 2009

There can be such a thing as too much Bollywood: I would never have believed it.

sepoy | April 09, 2009

Qalandar: I know I was a day late, but still... {{site.baseurl}}archives/homistan/time_out-2.html

Qalandar | April 09, 2009

suitably chagrined amigo. F*** you too.